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Madonna buys sex toy has been all over the media in the last week. The reigning queen of pop was seen leaving Claridges Hotel with a see through carrier bag and a big smile on her face. In side the carrier bag it was very clear that she had a sex toys. The love-aid in question was called a “Purple Penetrator”.
The “Purple Penetrator” is a strap on vibrating dildo and can be used in a number of ways. We should all be pleased that Madonna bought her sex toy and that she was more than happy to show it in public because it will hopefully open the idea to more women that sex toys are good.
A good sex toy can work wonders for any women in a number of ways. It allows a woman to explore her own body and learn more about herself and then these findings can be passed on to your partner who can use that information to produce a much more erotic and fulfilling experience for everyone involved.
A woman’s body is very complicated with many erogenous zones from the clitoris, nipples, g-spot and to less well know AFE Zone and U-spot. If a women doesn’t know her own body and what makes her tick then how is a partner going to “push the right buttons”. It is through self-pleasure and discovery that women can become a more enlightened sexual being.
One example is to use a sex toys that works on your clitoris and then to experiment. It is known that some women cannot be touched directly on the clitoris as it hurts too much. They need to be touched though the clitoris hood. Then once that is know then it is a question of exploring what kind of stroke or touch feels best for each individual women as well as finding how much pressure is comfortable and a sex toy can really help in this voyage of discovery.
The knowledge we girls can gain from self-pleasure can be passed onto your partner and you will find that the fun and delight from love-making is increased greatly. It is time women had more dominance in the bedroom and have their needs and desires satisfied rather than the male-centric view of sex in the past. Thank you Madonna for buying that sex toy as you have shown that is okay even for powerful women to you use sex toys too.

Holly Franklin has a self pleasure for women website. The sites aim is to make women more open about sex and sex toys.

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