Omarosa on the Wendy Williams shows, it turn ugly! Omarosa on the Wendy Williams shows, it turn ugly! | Sexy, hot and horny naked Teens - Starved For Sex -

(Check out the after show braw)!!! Omarosa is not sorry for sparring with Wendy Williams. “I stand by everything I said,” Omarosa told The Associated Press on Tuesday. madonna sex video” “sienna miller topless” “Madonna sextape””MADONNA AND A-ROD” Sexy lesbian Naked Showing xxx…

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15 Responses to “Omarosa on the Wendy Williams shows, it turn ugly!”

  • 1952spencer

    Both looked like fools Lot. Your child’s put-down of one another was not entertaining. It was all black women who believe in the noble nature, embarrassing. Omarosa is arrogant and Wendy digs a little too deep into a person’s business while living in a glass house himself.

  • bobbyroy8

    @ Jazriell Please remember that Wendy wears so well and can weave their besnatched from it.

  • bobbyroy8

    Omarosa is the bomb go baby and keep loving her brothers. Because half of black women on television are their only for whites.

  • bobbyroy8

    Omarosa is a beautiful and strong black woman and I like them, put them in their place Wendy, and we all know who is the Buffon, right, Wendy?

  • teta809

    It’s sad because people have knowledge of a bitch, and she thinks that a dog is a good thing, it’s depressing juz lookin at her, she smiles, but she knows the whole world hates them.

  • Jazriell

    when I get up and Wendy, I would rip dat bitch out and move, and tell her show dhis ma bitch! Fukk the complaints lmaooooooooo

  • AJprofsr

    “I’m not upset about nothing.” This contradicts what you say. It is as I said, I’m off on something sour. “I was brought up” lol

  • CaSh3dNuGz420

    Omarosa is a fucken bitch she started every little argument shit, and then they would laugh, act like stupidass that everything was okay. . . .

  • mikenice8008

    This would never happened on the Maury Povich Show! You are not the father!

  • STDTesting

    What is your absolute # 1 turn-off meeting, when someone new? Cried one angry black woman?

  • Sonicsin08

    I get my bachelors in May and attending NYU for my masters in the fall. . School twice

  • DPSieteSeis

    Ahhh! Cool. None of you can talk. People like you should go to school twice.

  • Sonicsin08

    i fuck wit Omarosa id rather be ABW boofoon a “damn-rite, when a black women to self for her she got a nasty black women


    1:43 my god lol Wendy looked smoking!, I dont think Omarosa recognize how close they get the beating of her life, because I think Wendy was ready, it was at that time head butt

  • OGWonkavisionHD

    This bitch hoe needs a face job Wendy had to smack a hoe! Put that hoe on a leash! Bitch is Running Wild!

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