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Karen Taylor man, man, MAN !!! 5 sketches where she whines till a Man Comes to fix it for her. A hit and miss BBC sketch show but parts of it are very funny.

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11 Responses to “Touch Me I’m Karen Taylor : man, man, MAN”

  • Bandecki

    I do not know why people with a gripe about all sexism, its funny! Really funny :-) Man, man, MAAAANNNN!

  • DeeOrDie

    I would luv it if she put her doctor in !!!!!!!!!

  • soundslave

    Most male comedians are stupid and thats why you do not count it as a comedian. Comedy is simply stupid, and they themselves are only a joke. The best comedy is clever comedy and jokes about the shopping cart, the love lives and losing weight are not clever. Said Karen Taylor is also a stupid comedian.

  • yoroisy

    i dont agree on a guy, but I think many male comedians stupid, insensitive and rude whearas comediennes are often faster and much more true

  • Tails001


  • Lovemarkowen12

    I wish I could write for a guy to come and help me lol

  • 1meowchicken

    mmm. . . I see your point but Im a girl. . . Karen Taylor is funny sometimes

  • BladeGuitarGirl

    the lesbian joke

  • Lyndsay101x

    haha these vids are so funny.

  • JamesHeal2


  • soundslave

    Next they wil be put in Doctor Karen Taylor, as they did with Katherine Tate. give us a break BBC. Simply mock the week on 24 / 7!

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