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The sudden eruption of the issue pertaining to the Kim Kardashian having sex with Ray J brought with it controversy of a whole different level. This is due to the fact that Kim, Paris Hilton’s best friend, is world renowned not only for her looks but also for her sweet and pretty image.

This image has been entirely shattered due to the emergence of this sex tape involving Kim and Ray J, both of them having been affected by the sex tape in a mixture of positive and negative outlooks. One thing is for certain though, and that is that Kim Kardashian fans are angered and disgusted by the sudden appearance of this sex tape allegedly shot a few years back.

Blogs, articles, essays and social networking sites are just some of the media that Kim Kardashian fans used in order to condemn the sex tape distribution. This happened on a global scale, with Kim fans condemning the act all at the same time. Up to now, die hard Kim and Ray J fans are still using these mediums in order to condemn this sacrilege of Kim’s hard earned fame and honor. The perpetrator behind the distribution has yet to be seen but he or she is on the run both from the authorities and from Kim’s fans for months or even years.

Websites dedicated to the condemnation of this act of proliferation have also sprouted left and right. With just a simple search using Yahoo, Google or Bing you will be able to see hundreds of different websites, URLs and webpage links supporting the campaign of totally eliminating the circulation of the Kim Kardashian having sex with Ray J. This fact just shows that a large chunk of Kim supporters shows disgust towards the sex tape, and rightfully so. Whoever was behind it clearly does not respect the privacy and dignity of the people involved.

Kim Kardashian Having Sex With Ray J

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