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2 Months old baby breastfeeding

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We recently received this e-mail from a client’s husband, who has shared his story about a father forever. “This is my story about my great man and his opinions. From the beginning I was always going to breastfeed, it was never one of those mothers who say,” I would want to breast-feed if I can, “I have always said,” I wants to be quiet. “On the big day, things did not, as planned, I was taken to the hospital and had a C sec, and my husband has put our first daughter hold (while I was sewing). He took only his top and put it on the chest ( Luckily he had a shower in the morning, ha, ha). presents I got my baby and she just knew what to do, suck suck. Hubby would be very close to her and whispered, “make it” special K “lip baby you can do it. And she did !!!!!!! Sara Mann says: “It scares me that fathers do not want to help with mom and baby, especially in the first few days. Since my wife was hurt, I would do all the wrapping, and I would let her sleep, the new mummy. I loved looking at my baby’s eyes and said, “I am your father, and nobody can take away. Coming home recovering, my wife really well after her C sec, I have that after a large LMC and I, I could not do it do anything other than milk and sleep. I joined a men’s group and had been with the lot of the people who do not believe that a child lives change there shocked. They complained about the lack of sex and sleepless nights. One man said that he hates his wife breastfeeding in front of him, because it made it BIG. He said that he (like his wife TITS that right) he used the word ‘tits and he did not want any more tense and saggy because of lactation. I I felt like saying the days of your wife’s breasts as sex objects are gone, so get over it. breastfeeding is sexy in a completely non-sexual way. NOW ……. two years later, our daughter was still feeding when she wakes up from her nap she appears in Mama’s lap and says, “Please boobie mama” and she has just started trying to feed their children and teddy bears, she opens it on their top side and said boobie time, and today she said, oh well Teddy nice big drink, which I hope very sweet. that helps the story, I feel some people really need to do to just DAD up – (the opposite of MAN) up and just a good idea at the end of the day his mother and the babies that are important, not what to think of your buddies or work colleagues. I love that my girl when she sees me running into my arms, I am the most important man in her life, and I will not They fill it up. “I am so happy that these parents this e-mail shared with us. What a wonderful support they get there man!

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