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Lesley Garrett on Loose Women showing off her ample brests. She is no spring chicken but the heaving bosom more than makes up fot it, she is well aware that we are watching her and loves it, thrusts them out regularly.

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i dont think it does, but just wondering.


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Please, I need a serious and respectful answer. I want to know if a woman who plays with these kind of toys affects her sexual relations with men?

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Mel B discusses how much she likes sex with the loose women and how she fits it in during the day! and sometimes 5 times a day with Stefan! Then Mel tells Sherrie to use sex toys.”We’ve all got a toy”..Then Patsy Kensit discusses her sex scene in Lethal Weapon and that it was “hard” and that she had to bleach her pubic hair cos she doesn’t match. Broadcast 14th September 2009.

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I am 40 years old and I was hit in the mouth with a baseball. My tooth is slightly loose, and I wondered whether any loose teeth adults generally heal itself.

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