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Demo reel talk show host of Fiona Forbes.

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Hey dudleys. Here’s a new rap you can blaze, make sure you click more info and get the lyrics up though as this one is quite fast. CREDITS FOR THE INTSTRUMENTAL GO TO WILEY-I WILL NOT LOSE. Its about getting rejected by fat minging girls when you didn’t even try to pull them… I hope you enjoy, please remember to comment and rate! LYRICS: I got rejected by a FAT ming girl, She was like an oyster… without the pirl. MUSHY clammy and smelt of fish. I don’t think thats tartar sauce on her lip (more likely semen) So she pushed me? Did that Ricky Lake Thing. Blinded my eyes with her big bling bling. Told me I aint got a chance with HER. I don’t want one, this girl looks like a bird. But not like a robbin, or a nice one too… She just looks like a thing that’d shit on you. I don’t ask for this trouble it just comes to me, like a passionate semite (JEW) to a company, Or like a cheap young slut to an STD, Or a man with a secret to a nursery, I just took it too far with the similies, But I’ve got more of them left than a hive does bees (arbitrary rhyme) Anyway, back to the girl in my face, Her GUT goes jiggle with the kick of the bass, See her hand in her handbag going for the mase, Feel the hands of a Bouncer around my waste, I’m like, O shit now I’m sick of this, Same old shit same old bitterness, Like a fuetile search for the clitorous, You got brains bro? Try and fix this. I grabbed her, took her to the back of the club, Politely requested she’d SHUT THE FUCK UP, For one

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Don’t own video or Audio~! 1.) This was originally the opening for dgmss3 and was kinda a matching set with the original ending (wings of a butterfly). It didn’t fit in the last one after I redid it so I put it in here. 2.)Shut it Kanda! Saving the world IS Allen’s hobby. :/ And he’s good at it too. 3.). . . Allen’s try at a new hobby. Doesn’t work out so well. 4.)I originally wanted to make this a allenxlavi video but once I was looking for scenes I though fouxallen was much better (and easier). I really want some fanfic of this couple now. D: 5.)LOL. Special thanks to seiizur3 for the elfyourself footage. 6.)This was a sad attempt to imitate the Death Note amv done in AMV Hell 4. I failed at it but I like the ending. 7.)*cough*bottom*cough* 8.)XD But Lavi, Krory IS an adult. 9.)I was pretty sure this had already been done, but I wanted to do it anyway. 10.)I cried when I first read this part in the manga ;-; RIP you guys. I really want to make a full amv with this song, but I think I’m going to wait for more episodes. Thanks for all who comment and subscribe!! I heart you all~!!!

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Okay so heres the problem, i have always had short hair, my hair cant naturally grow long. . . and yes i have tried not cutting it for a few years it just doesnt grow past my sholders. . . . i use to have extension but i took them out cause they were annoying, i was just wondering. . . should i put them back in? or keep my hair naturally short? is short hair unattractive on girls???

This is me with short hair. . . . . .

http://i613. photobucket. com/albums/tt217/Muchacha1313/stylish. jpg

http://i613. photobucket. com/albums/tt217/Muchacha1313/Mexicoo. jpg

http://i613. photobucket. com/albums/tt217/Muchacha1313/MeandShelby. jpg

http://i613. photobucket. com/albums/tt217/Muchacha1313/Camping. jpg

http://i613. photobucket. com/albums/tt217/Muchacha1313/Raw. jpg

And this is me with long hair. . .

http://i613. photobucket. com/albums/tt217/Muchacha1313/chuckie. jpg

http://i613. photobucket. com/albums/tt217/Muchacha1313/fish. jpg

http://i613. photobucket. com/albums/tt217/Muchacha1313/longer. jpg

http://i613. photobucket. com/albums/tt217/Muchacha1313/roller. jpg

http://i613. photobucket. com/albums/tt217/Muchacha1313/longhair. jpg

Now what one makes me look better? more older and more mature? and boys do you think it’s unattractive for girls to have short hair? please be honest i would really appreciate it!

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My most recent Adult production. Read by Everal A Walsh (Spooks, The Street, Blue Murder, Max and Paddys Road to Nowhere) Some content may be offensive.

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