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lidevi laloca ! 😀 let me see the dong the thong thong thong !

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Hey dudleys. Here’s a new rap you can blaze, make sure you click more info and get the lyrics up though as this one is quite fast. CREDITS FOR THE INTSTRUMENTAL GO TO WILEY-I WILL NOT LOSE. Its about getting rejected by fat minging girls when you didn’t even try to pull them… I hope you enjoy, please remember to comment and rate! LYRICS: I got rejected by a FAT ming girl, She was like an oyster… without the pirl. MUSHY clammy and smelt of fish. I don’t think thats tartar sauce on her lip (more likely semen) So she pushed me? Did that Ricky Lake Thing. Blinded my eyes with her big bling bling. Told me I aint got a chance with HER. I don’t want one, this girl looks like a bird. But not like a robbin, or a nice one too… She just looks like a thing that’d shit on you. I don’t ask for this trouble it just comes to me, like a passionate semite (JEW) to a company, Or like a cheap young slut to an STD, Or a man with a secret to a nursery, I just took it too far with the similies, But I’ve got more of them left than a hive does bees (arbitrary rhyme) Anyway, back to the girl in my face, Her GUT goes jiggle with the kick of the bass, See her hand in her handbag going for the mase, Feel the hands of a Bouncer around my waste, I’m like, O shit now I’m sick of this, Same old shit same old bitterness, Like a fuetile search for the clitorous, You got brains bro? Try and fix this. I grabbed her, took her to the back of the club, Politely requested she’d SHUT THE FUCK UP, For one

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Wax on- Wax Off is The Hot new Hip Hop Dance Song from Donkey Star, ok its dumb but its fun and easy to do. Donkey Star is Lukas Seely and John A. Sanders.

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WH DID NOT MAKE THIS VIDEO IS WAS ON BBC3 ! subscribe ! u can see us on MYspace facebook msn aim bebo taged Just ask for them in a personal message :)

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Apr (-I decided, to give you a link, where you can download the demo for free…But just to let oyou know..There are still some copies left, so you could still buy the CD…For more informations just go to my profile and watch the official teaser to this demo…) This is the newest song I made during the last 2 Weeks. There is not much to tell about it… Maybe I will still change some little things, sounds or whatever…But not at the moment.. Feel free to rate or comment this Video. Negative and positive feedbacks are welcome… The video isn’t good, I know, but this wasn’t the main point. I just wanted to share the song with other people and so I needed a Video to upload it on youtube. (But I still tried to use some pics that support the atmosphere of the song in some ways..) The pics I used are from: Stefan Eibelsgruber Donna Nikita Mattis Guido Stange You can find them on fotocommunity…

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Big Bob Starring In A Music Video By The Fast Food Rockers!!!

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Parody written by Helen Austin and performed at Voices Three 2007, a concert that raised $3000 for Hospice. I have had several requests for lyrics…so here they are and thanks to all for watching!! Childbirth Song You’ve bags under your eyes You’ve got boobs to your knees Your hand’s full of poo and your bra’s full of cheese Your stomach is bloated your clothes do not fit He still wants sex while you feel like shit He begs for this favour not long after labour It’s like eating a meal after you’ve just been sick And the boys at the office tell him I should give him what he wants To this I say that they’re a bunch of lalalalalalala You bastard you cocked up it’s you got me knocked up Just cos you want me to have bigger tits You’re pleading, you’re pining Oh please stop your whining You’re not getting sex ’til the kid’s 26 You say you want another child, another pregnancy When you can poo a watermelon I’ll agree I could have been someone if you just hadn’t come (along) If I hadn’t been so drunk and I’d said maybe We’d be going out and stuff, now there’s foreceps up my chuff Pulling the head of a screaming 10lb baby And the mums on Hornby Island* say keep breast feeding ’til they’re four If I do I won’t have nipples anymore And all the doctors told me that I’d need a stitch or ten I say sew me up so I can’t do this again. *an island nearby with a reputation for being very wholesome!

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best techno

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i need help i dont know the name of the song, beginning goes like i got a mysterious bitch with big tits or something??

~ help. . .

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A musical medley for sex toys. Very creative and well done, but probably not for kids. Outtakes and bloopers at the end are funny.

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“Revelation Song” worship song being sung by Kari Jobe and featuring Gateway Worship. Gateway Worship is a Christian Worship band from Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas. The team leads worship at Gateway Church, a 15000 member congregation located in Southlake, Texas, which has grown quickly since the church’s beginnings in 2000. Gateway Worship is made of a whole team of worshippers who serve Gateway, primarily led by worship leaders Thomas Miller, Walker Beach, Kari Jobe, David Moore, and Zach Neese, who all graduated from Christ for the Nations Institute. Jason Tam and Sion Alford round out the pastoral staff. Gateway Worship can be accessed online via the Internet at Also online via the Internet information can be found on Kari Jobe at http

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Worship and praise song called “Running” from Christ For The Nations Institute (CFNI) featuring Worship Leaders Klaus Kuehn and Rachel Jackson. Christ For The Nations Institute (CFNI) is an interdenominational three year Christian Bible institute located in the Oak Cliff neighborhood of Dallas, Texas (USA). The Bible based curriculum is taught from a Charismatic/Pentecostal heritage. There are five ministry schools specializing in pastoral and leadership, children and families, missions, worship and technical arts, and youth. CFNI also holds Youth For The Nations (YFN), a summer youth camp. There is also a Spanish Institute for students wishing to work in the Latino/Hispanic world. All the schools specialize in teaching students how to provide resources for completing church buildings, caring for orphans, supporting the nation of Israel, providing humanitarian relief, establishing and strengthening international Bible schools, and the distributing Christian literature. Christ For The Nations Institute can be accessed on the Internet at

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Copyright 2009 Cube Productions / / / / CREW: Concept: Steven Tool & Rauno Kitsing Producer: Peeter Nieler (Cube Productions) Composed & mastered by: Stig RĂ€sta Director: Steven Tool AD: Rauno Kitsing dop: Maksim Golomidov Camera Assistant: Ivan Pavljutskov Camera Operator (extra scene): Juhan Malmstein Gaffer: Juhan Malmstein PA: Maria Reinup (Cube Productions) Stylist: Lisann Lillevere Makeup: Helen Ehandi “Child Handlers”: Mari Sotter, Kristjan Suits, Ulme Eesalu Editing: Martin Himbek (Cube Productions) Color Correction: Maksim Golomidov CAST: Adult Lenna: Lenna Kuurmaa Adult Sten: Sten Ojavee Child Lenna: Caroli Suits Chilt Sten: Henno Sotter / / / Our gratitude belongs to companies as: OVERALL EESTI FORUM CINEMAS SKY PARK / / / Special Thanks: Evelin LĂ”okene Hegert Lepik Hendrik KirsimĂ€e Helen Takkin Ave Kont Liis Mengel Irina Ojasalu Johanna Kaianen / / / Whole video was shot with Canon 5D MK II using different Canon lens. Song especially mastered into longer version of 5 minutes.

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From the 2010 Adult Swim special, Freaknik the Musical. Freaknik and his pimp chalice will live on! Download links Song – mashed together from this version, and the trailer. is back.mp3 Ringtone – made by me ringtone.mp3

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OFFICIAL WEBSITE With surprise ending and distraction throughout courtesy of Robert! My website Chords = Fmaj + Gmaj7 + bbmaj7 + Cmaj7 Following lyrics by Anthony Hill They’ve got sex toys for sale in the toilets Oh! Tell me what the devil they’re trying to encourage! A vast array of spirits for just a quid About the same price as a soul Oh! Tell me what they want to encourage! Less decisive power than Deborah Woodruff But at least she had some grace! There’s not a single birth control device In this god forsaken place! Take her to the glitterball tonight She’ll suck your dick for a Marlboro Light Don’t stop her getting in fights ‘Cos that’s just the way she moves, alright? Dressed to kill in threads that barely conceal them Tell me what the devil they’re trying to encourage! Armed with glitter bombs disguised as drinks Because they won’t let you in with a knife What the fuck are they trying to encourage?! She’s looking for a fight with anyone Who wants to look at her the way That people do in disgust At how she puts it on a plate Take her to the glitterball tonight She’ll suck your dick for a Marlboro Light Don’t stop her getting in fights ‘Cos that’s just the way she moves, alright? There’s no harm being promiscuous Just keep it inconspicuous like the rest The rest of the girls who swapped their dreams for dirt She’s off her face on Tanqueray I wonder what her dad would say About her drinking underage And getting in a state She

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Shin Chan ending theme song plus the ending credits, really funny show

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Lyrics: PC Speaker: fuck the MP-double-A comin straight out the underground a young pirate got it bad cause I’m down, loadin dvds like a motherfuckin fiend, bring my camera to the movies and I put em on BT, back all that stolen content up on DVD-roms, cause my tip’s been piracy since I dropped out my Mom’s, and just because I share my mp3s, they got the government comin after me, instead of suin kids why don’t you step on up, and release a couple albums that don’t completely suck, stop puttin DRM onto audio cds, that don’t make it any harder to steal your mp3s, if I want your shit for free, I ain’t gonna have to pay, and all your bullshit is why the fuck I say, hack the Gibson, hack the Gibson, I’m seedin bittorrents like a digital pimp, son All: fuck the MP-double-A fuck the RI-double-A fuck the suits behind the BSA and fuck em all for the DMCA Recycle Bin: robot pirates, we get our shit for free, parental advisory you’ll never fuckin see, been a couple years since I seen an FBI warning, cut it out cause that shit’s mad boring, ya’ll fuckin dumber than that bitch from bad boys, step to the Bin and it’s grandma’s sex toys, I’ma just keep fillin up muh drives, the ones that disapear when the lawsuit arrives, all you fuckin suits can suck my balls, when you get done you gonna make some calls, I better see some changes or it’s time to fight, you ain’t gonna manage my digital rights Subrandom: remember when anti-trust was the thing, now you’re set up for downloadin Sting

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Mar Twitter Us: @recognition1 @randrrecords @kangbear

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This song is the theme song of “Nursery Rhyme” which is Japanese adult computer game.

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