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AUDIO ONLY, not the actual footage Jill Scott’s “The Thickness” poem is on her Live Experience album. I had to edit it (the beginning only) because it was just her giving the synposis of the inspiration for this poem. CAUTION: EXPLICIT CONTENT Lyrics: Whoa! She a big chick, Big ol’ legs, Big ol’ thighs, Big ol’ hips, Big ol’ ass, Big ol’ tits, She so big! Won’t nobody even try to reach her mind Age 14, Eyes green, Young tender, supple, and fine, Hear them, all those oohs and ahhs slip as she lick her lips, Oh, they want to fuck her, They want to rub their dicks on her precious clitoris, They want to watch them big ol titties settle and part a bit, They want to talk about it, Tell it, Spread it, Relive the conquest, How they beat on that ass and how the knock that shit, Don’t stop, Won’t stop, To recognize that there’s more, More underneath that thickness, That sweet and round brown young tender thickness, Now they like her quiet and eager, Sweet and meager, Shhhhh! Don’t you complain about my other women, Just drop that big thick ass on my stiffness, Make me nut all up on your gut with the quickness, Don’t stop, Won’t stop, Lift it, Yea girl lift it, Lift it baby, Drop it again, Cause I aint your tribesmen no more, I aint your friend, Come on girl just let me in, Let me into all that thickness, That sweet and round brown supple bigness, Cause she so big won’t nobody even try to reach her mind, She’s been degraded, exploited, NOT celebrated, Saturated with self hatred, Let

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