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My soon to be husband thinks sex is over rated and that it doesn’t matter to him. We 1st got to gether about 6 years ago it was just as fuck buddies. I then stopped seeing him and 2 years later we meet again and we have been with eachother ever since then. I have told him thats were 90% of our problems come from. That I would stop getting my feeling hurt that I wouldn’t be bitching anymore about him loving me more. But then again if I make him have sex with me he tells me he feels like its a job. He doesnt go down on me never has he has never sucked my tits(I know that he has a think for big tits that I dont have). So basicly when we do have sex its just fucking. . . . whats the problem??? has he had way to much sex when he was younger or is it a medical problem or is it me???????????? I have told myself that if this dont change then Im gone soon but he tells me to give it some time so he can get those walls down from passed relationships is that true too????

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my buddy keeps picking me She says I have a big nose, pale, big teeth, nasty toes, no tits, big ears, big mouth, saggy ass, the list is endless, this n they mate, which gives a complete bitch and is thinks it is better thn all eels n get me just as I used to have so much confidence, but I am really depressed in the bad, and if i do with her, she cries out callls me and me n all of this, what should I do please Help me go!

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ok so I am a 17 year old woman. I’ve dated a guy for the record, I liked him and was sexually attracted to him, but he wasn’t a good guy for me. Anyway, I had crushes on guys all my life, but I guess the women are sexually attracted to my whole life too. I began to consider me because I have a lesbian I like porn with women, lesbian porn, etc more so than I realized men. However, I have observed how male porn / nude boys. However, emotionally, with a girl has always been funny to me, and whenver I allow myself fully to girls in this way, i still dont feel comfortable with him. I’ve never had a crowd around a girl. Visually, I’m attracted to guys, but it seems like the epitome of what I really, really is a girl with big breasts and a slim figure. It sounds so wrong and unrealistic, but a girl like me with small tits does nothing for me visually, and do a man does a lot visually to me like a girl with nice tits has. But like I feel like i dont like HER I only her breasts?

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i would prefer them not to be famous and i want a lot of photos
preferabbly with tight clothes on and i like blondes, big tits, and tight asses like everyone else. . . also i like role modeling like cheerleaders and stuff. . . please send link to the gallery or photos

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can you please tell me if you allow men to play (like massaging, pressing etc) with your tits and buns do they get bigger,

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I’ve noticed lately I have been wanting to experiment with sex toys not just with my partner but by myself. Is that normal or am I just sick?
what if I notice I’d rather use my toy than have intercourse with my partner?

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My boyfriend says that he wants to add a little more fun to our relationship,but I dont know if I want to add sex toys. Our sex life is great the way it is. Sould I try it or not?

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It’s perfectly ok for women to have a collection of sex toys and discuss it in public, but if we start talking about blowup dolls or anything else, we’d be a social pariah. Is this fair? We can admit to reading Playboy, but if you see a Hustler mag laying around, that’s too much. Where’s the line?
FYI. . . I don’t have a blowup doll, I was just thinking of an example to make a point. And I hate double standards for women as well. . . your number of partners doesn;t mean anything.

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I bought some lotions, feather, and a small vibrator for both of us to use. . . how do I introduce these to him?

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I want to sell sex toys but i want to have the products for the customers without them having to order them out a catolog. Does anyone know how i should get strated? P. S i dont want 2 sell online. Just directly 2 the customer. Thanx

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If my girlfriend had bigger tits and a smaller nose, it could the hottest girl alive. I can not quite afford money for a boob job and a nose job. Do you think they are they from?

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We are currently seeking new Sex Toy Testers, Are you up to the job?

Members at Sex Toy Testers pay a yearly subscription of £25 that contributes towards P&P and admin costs. Once a member, testers are sent sex toys and other adult products to review. When testers have submitted a review they then get to keep that item.

How many products do testers receive in a year?

This does depend on how versatile a tester is. If you were prepared to test anything that we can throw at you, it would significantly increase the amount of products that you would typically receive during the annual membership.

However, we do guarantee a minimum of four products during a year. Although if you check the reviews already online you can count how many products our testers have received. It is well above the minimum in most cases.

Special Offer!

For September 06, we are allowing members of the public to join the website for a Month’s trial for just £5. It’s a chance to see how the website works and to see how it feels to be a Sex Toy Tester.

During this month you are guaranteed to receive a minimum of 1 product with a RRP equal or greater than the subscription charge. If you meet our terms and conditions, more discreetly packaged products will be sent out to you for testing.

Join today and a Product will be in the post to you tomorrow.

All reviews will be published online for the benefit of shoppers who want sound advice about which adult products are hot and which are a flop.

Payment via PayPal only

This offer is subject to SexToyTesters terms and conditions and is not open to non-UK residents.

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i look everywhere for sex toys in my parents room but cant find any . is this bad. where else should i look

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Do you know of any sites that sells web packages with multiple xxx porn sites & sex Novelty stores?

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Ya i know guys like big tits, a big ass, and an all around nice body. But what other stuff do guys like in a girl? I like this guy and he likes this really stupid chic, she’s flat chested, not that funny and she has a bf. I don’t know why he likes her so i’m curious. What do guys want in a girl friend? and What do guys find attractive?

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